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Delaware's Newest "LMO"

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Customer Testimonials

I recently took advantage of your offer to have our Wills done. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Allen Kyle.
His performance represented quintessence of professionalism, warmth, and efficiency. I felt I would be remiss if I did not draw this to your attention. Allen is indeed an asset to your firm.
Hollister Pilgrim

I am writing you in order to inform and let you know that I'm really happy with all of your lawyers and administrators of Pre-Paid Legal as one of your members or subscribers of your plan.
Julio Gonzalez

Dear Pre-Paid Legal,
I just returned from court, and thanks to the help I received from your staff, I was able to save close to $170.
I'm a Pre-Paid Legal Services member, and I was recently stopped for speeding in Somerville, New Jersey. I soon learned that I didn't have a current insurance card (although I did have insurance). The officer decided to give me a ticket for failure to present a document instead of speeding. I later learned that the fine for this offense was more than double the fine I would have paid for the speeding offense.

With the advice I received . . . I was able to go into court and speak to the prosecutor, who asked that as much of the fine as possible be waived, the judge dismissed the entire fine, leaving me with only the court costs, which were $30.
In the past, I would have just paid the fine. I do appreciate the money I saved. Thank you for the great advice I received.
Thank you,
Sandy Bullard, Jr.
New Jersey

Allen provided me with rewarding consultation. He was always expedient, professional and kind. It was, of course, his kindness that prevailed since my needs were for a divorce. Although I was not emotionally distraught to lose this marriage, I did have many questions as the court was often contradictory as to what it would or would not share.
Suffice it to say, I received the divorcee decree on December 30, 2004 and have embarked on a new life.

As a result of this experience, my daughter has a PPL membership, I have a PPL membership, and I am also now a PPL Independent Associate seeking to Fast Start qualify.
It is my pleasure to recommend Allen Kyle for whatever rewards and/or awards PPL has available for providers like him. Thank you PPL. And thank you very much, Allen!
Have a blessed day.

Allen Kyle


Delaware's Newest "LMO"
P.O. Box 167
Coatesville, PA 19320

Allen R. Kyle - President

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